Photography has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. At age nine, I received my first Polaroid camera, my SX-70. Processing the image wasn’t an issue for my age, as it was about as difficult as shaking salt & pepper shakers. I started bothering my parents at the cool age of thirteen when I stepped up to something different on loading my films and giving them my used rolls to process at the local print labs in bags. After about the third Ziploc bag full, they started rationing my processing count to a bag every two months.

In high school I took a film class, which taught me a lot about landscape photography. From that point on,  I told myself, “I only want to shoot landscapes, people are just way too stressful to deal with!”  Boy was I wrong! Throughout high school and into college I dabbled in various portrait sessions for friends and family members. In 1999 I helped my friend shoot a wedding, and it was at that moment I realized I wanted to shoot weddings for a living.  I’ve been shooting them ever since.

When I’m not shooting brides I’m usually on the computer Googling random questions that pop into my head. I love sushi. I love video games, but I dislike games like Halo, they make me sick…literally. I’m not shy and can be very loud at times. I’m very random. I pay attention to detail. I absolutely love people! I love The Big Bang Theory. I don’t like the smell of vanilla candles, but I love vanilla ice cream. I have to drink iced lattes with extra sugar every morning. I’m a big nerd. I really only like Swiss cheese. My mom is Cuban and my father is from Argentina, but I was born in Orlando, Florida. I absolutely, without a doubt, love anything Star Wars related. I love to travel and visit new places. I hate making lefts onto a street. I love posting images of anything I eat.  And one of the most important facts of all…I’m addicted to Q-tips!