• So how long have you been shooting?

    Since I could hold a camera...Professionally since late 1999.

  • I see you have Photojournalistic listed in your investment page, what does that mean?

    I'm a storyteller without words. I take a very candid approach to my images, shooting from the distance. I try to be unobtrusive and complete my work with little to no direction for my clients.

  • My parents are very old fashion, is there anyway you can pose us? I want them to be very happy!

    I don't like posing people because in a way it’s putting them into something they probably would never sit or stand like in a photo. I like to capture an image of people as they go about their normal day, unaware that someone is capturing something that will probably be remembered more than something that was posed. I do pose individuals for the normal formals after a ceremony. After all, I was raised old fashion. 🙂 If you're looking for work that could possibly be entirely all posed shots, I have other photographers that may work better for you. Changing a style of photography shouldn't be something that can be done with a snap a finger. I've studied and shot photojournalistic style my entire life, and I absolutely love it! If the hundreds of photos on my site appeal to you then it's very possible that photojournalistic style is what you're looking for.

  • What do I wear for our portraits?

    I always tell families to wear what's comfortable. If everyone wants to match, awesome!! I do try and stay away from lines or patterns on clothes. Haircuts on guys should probably be done a day or two before the shoot, as normally they are left with red lines and sometimes cut from straight razors while getting edged. For those like myself and are always wanting to look a little more slender in photos, sticking with dark clothes like black will help you out. Woman, less makeup is best normally in all aspects of photographs unless you're going for a creative shoot like the ones found in Vogue or other high fashion magazines. Heavy makeup shows up very clearly in photos, especially in the originals where the clarity is very high.  Adding color to lips, changing eye colors, or allergies getting your eyeballs a little red can all be fixed later on with editing in postproduction. Depending on what needs to be done, talk with me first and I can get a quote on how much editing may need to be done. I charge very reasonable prices on postproduction.

  • I am very shy and I dont like taking photos. I dont want the photos to look weird? Any suggestions?

    No problem! With most of my wedding packages I include the engagement photos, which is a plus for you, but it's also a way of me getting to know you guys. It helps breaks the ice for your special day so that when that day comes you guys are a lot more comfortable.

  • Why do you send out a survey asking me about everyone’s name?

    That's so I can call everyone by their first name and I'm not going " Hey...excuse me. Yeah you...” 🙂

  • Can you get to church or ceremony location a little early, my mom is going to be there with me and I want some pictures of us or someone their before everything starts?

    Absolutely! I normally get to the start of the day about an hour before everything starts to scout everything before hand and start setting up equipment which takes me about 30-45 min. If you need me there a little earlier than an hour to get something done for you then please let me know so I can make arrangements. Earlier starts are advisable when the bride and groom want to have more formal photos done before (rather than after) the ceremony.  Sometimes, the bride and groom wish to have a portion (sometimes, even all) of the formal photos out of the way before the ceremony so that there is little or no interruption between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the reception.  In those cases, we will adjust our start time appropriately in order to have a good comfort zone (time-wise) to get all of the desired photos within the time allowed before the ceremony. Normally formals with an average of 5 bridesmaid and 5 groomsman and small to medium family base take about 45 min. to complete. Please contact me and let me know that you may need more time before the ceremony.

  • I do not want to spend too much time with formals, how long does it take?

    In my experience  it takes about 45 min for a small to medium size wedding party to start and complete all the formals. Making sure everyone stays together after the ceremony can try and keep the time it takes to a minimum.

  • Can you just shoot and burn the images to a DVD?

    This a very common question, and the best answer I've come across is from Claudia Kronenberg, a wedding photographer in Nantucket, who sums up the “Shoot and Burn” philosophy. “Having your wedding photographed and just receiving a disk of images is what I would equate to receiving the fabric of the wedding dress without the designer to stitch it together,” says Kronenberg. “It’s what we do with the fabric, or photographs, that make the difference.”

    I firmly stand behind her quote.

  • How many weddings have you shot Lee?

    I'm up around 92 weddings (Time of writing 11.20.12). I've done a lot of second shooting as well where I don't have images to account for so I don't include them in my totals.

  • If you had to pick one part of capturing a wedding, what is your favorite part?

    Hmm that's a tough one. Throughout the years my favorite has definitely shifted from the ring bearers (brother and sister) fighting as they walk down the isle completely ignoring what they have practiced for, for weeks. The moment the groom sees his new bride for the first time walking down the isle. The moment where the groom has to stay.... I live for you and only you (summed up :)). To now my most favorite of all for probably 2 years now, the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son first dance.

  • I would like to purchase images later on, is it possible to purchase them online?

    Yes, all my packages include a personalized portal gallery where all the images from your engagement and wedding are. Right from there you can view and purchase directly through my award winning print lab. You can send links and emails right from the site to other family members to see the gallery or even a specific image. If you purchased the download a la carte item, the ability to download an image or entire day is very easy with a few clicks. All packages include your images stay on the site for 1 year where they are backed up. If you want the extended safety and comfort of your images being backed up, an a la carte item for $30 keeps the images in that safe location for an additional year.

  • How many weddings do you shoot in one day?

    Wedding photography is hard work! I photograph only 1 wedding per day.

  • Do you travel?

    Yes, I am a destination-wedding photographer. Also refer to my investment page as it gives you a little insight to where I've been. 🙂

  • Do you travel internationally?

    YES! Have passport! 🙂

  • How long before we get or see the images?

    Normally for events longer than 4 hours you get your images on your custom USB drive in 2-4 weeks from the event. I pick 5-10 images from the event and post them online the same night or the day after. Events for 8 hours or more usually take 4 to 6 weeks. When ordering special prints are albums, those follow other timelines. Please contact us if you have any questions.